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Price: $26,243.26

Optifiber SR Certifying MM OTDR - Mainframe, battery, MM OTDR/OPM/LL module, 62.5um launch cable, 16MB MMC, USB cable, AC adapter (x2), carrying strap, soft protective case, 62.5um test jumpers, 250X/400X inspection camera, hard carry case, MMC reader, Smart Remote MM Module, Smart Remote user guide, Smart Remote carrying strap, mini-B USB cable. Certify it. Diagnose it. Document it. With the first certifying OTDR designed for network owners and installers. The use of fiber in premise networks is continually growing - and so are the requirements for testing and certifying it. To ensure the performance of these mission-critical LANs, network owners are demanding more information that gives them a complete picture of the fiber plant. And no solution provides a more complete picture than the OptiFiber Certifying OTDR.
  • Troubleshoot and certify fiber with Auto OTDR analysis.
  • Document fiber with LinkWare management and reporting software.
  • Enhance visibility with event deadzones as short as 1 meter.
  • Boost productivity with an easy-to-use design.
  • Modular design supports multimode and singlemode testing.
  • New Smart Remote options for loss/length certification.

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