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Optifiber OTDR Package - Mainframe, battery, MM OTDR module, 62.5um launch cable, CDs w/LinkWare & manuals, user guide, 16MB MMC, USB cable, AC adapter, carrying strap. Certify it. Diagnose it. Document it. With the first certifying OTDR designed for network owners and installers. The use of fiber in premise networks is continually growing - and so are the requirements testing and certifying it. To ensure the performance of these mission-critical LANs, network owners are demanding more information that gives them a complete picture of the fiber plant. And no solution provides a more complete picture than the OptiFiber Certifying OTDR. ... /div>

Fluke Optifiber Otdr Kits:
* OptiFiber MM OTDR Package
* OptiFiber Advanced MM OTDR Package
* OptiFiber MM Certifying OTDR Package
* OptiFiber SR Certifying MM Otdr Package
* OptiFiber Pro Inspector Ll MM OTDR

Fluke Optifiber Otdr Mainframe:
* Optifiber Mainframe And Battery

Fluke Optifiber Otdr Modules:
* OptiFiber SM OTDR PM Module
* OptiFiber MM OTDR Module
* OptiFiber MM OTDR PM Module
* Optifiber MM OTDR PM Loss/Length Module
* Optifiber SM OTDR Module
* Optifiber SM OTDR PM Loss/Length Module
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